Perfectionism - Don't let that stop you!

Written by
Chetana K.
Perfectionism beast unleashed? Don't pet that one. It's a trap.

Most humans desire their life to be perfect. I was one of them too. Not until recently when I took off my lens of ‘perfectionism’, did I realize how much joy I was missing along the way. While chasing perfectionism, I was always inviting this feeling of burden & disappointment if things wouldn’t go according to the “perfect” plan. And this disappointment would either lead me to procrastinate or delay the task by waiting until all the things fell in place (…as if that is so easy to happen). The ultimate result is no result at all, plus a bonus package of resentment & frustration towards myself.

Here’s what I do & suggest others to do when the perfectionism beast is unleashed. Just keep doing what you are doing. No matter how imperfect it is. Finish the task and then come back to add that finesse to make it almost perfect. Why? To keep making progress, however tiny it is. I promise you it will give you a feeling of encouragement & positivity. 😊