Brand Design

Brand Identity is the visual experience associated with a brand. The elements that constitute this experience are the logo, color palette, fonts, icons, messaging etc.

The process of creating these visual elements for a brand is called Brand Design.

Brand guidelines / Brand style guide
is a document that keeps track of the brand identity design elements & its usage to maintain the appearance persistent throughout.

A logo is a unique mark (could be a wordmark, symbol, etc.) representing your brand. It forms the primary recognition point of your brand. Hence, it is vital to get a logo that aligns with the brand strategy.

Brand Design Package
Starting at C$2200*
50% upfront, 25% before project release, 25% upon completion

* Taxes not included.

  • Logo

    A unique logo created using the available research about your business.

  • Typography

    We will work on the typography**, that suits your brand identity.

    ** If the font selected is a premium font, you will need to purchase relevant font license to use the font on your own device.

  • Color Palette

    We provide you the brand colors specs in RGB, CMYK and HEX codes, so to make it easy for you to use it in any platform (web or print).

  • Graphic Elements

    Graphic elements like icons, any shapes like lines, patterns used etc. are included in the package.

  • Brand Messaging

    We will work on what your brand has to say, in an effective way to get everyone's attention.

  • Brand Guidelines

    You will be equipped with brand guidelines, that gives the details of the brand elements and its usage. The guidelines will help you keep a visual consistency in your future business projects.

Here's how it happens.
Project Timeline: 3-5 weeks
It feels like a long process but we promise you, it helps us to provide best results.


Discovery is all about understanding your brand and its values. After you sign the contract & pay the deposit, we initiate the process by gathering research data to work upon your brand message.

Creative Direction

Based on the research, you will be presented with 3 moodboards to choose from, each with its distinct style.


Once the creative direction has been finalized, the logo design begins. You will be presented with 3 logo concepts, to choose from. Each logo concept will be presented on the mockups to get the "real world" feeling.

Brand Presentation

Its just what it is! In the end, the final reveal will be done. We will present your brand design, putting all the bits together.

Our aim is to make your business stand out with a design solution that can be trusted & specifically built for your target audience.