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Emotions all over the place? Use your hobbies to guide them.

While juggling the various responsibilities as a wife, a mother & an entrepreneur, my emotions are bound to get all over the place, each day. The reason could be the effort to have a sparkling, clean home, or the other time, it is the stress of a hassle-free invoice payment from a client.

Keeping my eyes fixed on the reward, I start my day, working relentlessly toward the day's goal completion. Every day is the same. In all of this tangled network of tasks & checklists, I forgot about my hobbies, which have always boosted my confidence & helped me refresh my mind in the past.

As a kid, my mother introduced me to various extra-curricular activities - Indian classical music, Indian classical dance, reading books other than school textbooks, sports, art, etc. I don't excel 100% at any, but since I enjoyed a few, I chose them as my hobbies & I did want to continue with some (except, sports... people who know me personally are aware how bad I am at something as mundane as running! I guess I am just lazy when it comes to sports). I'd forgotten how my hobbies always helped me loosen up when I used to be anxious or feeling overwhelmed. However, one tends to forget about hobbies in stressful & busy situations. Quite understandable, not acceptable!

Sure, I get happy when the house is clean, and dishes are done but I am able to realize my happiness only when after the chores, I am holding my favorite book in one hand & a cup of tea in the other while looking around at my little accomplishments. And even if they aren't, & I am completely burnt out, my hobbies get me out from, 'Tsk Tsk... so much work to do!' to a positive & focussed 'Okay, back to work!' attitude.

Hobbies let you acknowledge your emotions easily, & make you ready to get back to your usual unending pursuit of happiness. I am just glad I remembered it in all the craziness around me, & hence, reminding you too. The best part is you don't have to be an expert in your hobby activity. All that matters is you love it. Make sure to take some time out for something you love that isn't your work. Why? Because you're a human & also because it's blissful!

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