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What's in a brand research?

We need data to build a functional design system (one that is pretty & makes some impact, too). Lots of it. Design research is a vital part of building a brand. The research objective is to find the best way to establish a connection with consumers by addressing some of the trivial factors.

Where are we at the moment?

Before looking into the competition, it is essential to take a step back & look at the whole picture, including your brand.


It's necessary to understand what consumers see regarding our brand. Switching places might help to identify the underlying issues. It will be like viewing your brand values outside the glass window.


Studying the brand's interaction both within the organization and with the consumers helps to define the brand values, messaging & language.


It is always beneficial to find out more about the brand's direct & indirect competitors in terms of their services, & interaction with the consumers.

Blockers & opportunities

Now that we know where the brand stands, it's time to do some brand SWOT(strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats) analysis. Listing down what the brand does & the reasoning behind it will also help uncover some opportunities. This exercise will be a foundation to build the brand narrative.

The right questions

To avoid the 'I asked for sugar, you got me salt' situation with the consumers, it's best to ask the right questions taking your target audience into consideration.

Brand functions & operations

These questions mainly focus on what the brand does, the process it follows, who it serves & how it is different from others.

Brand values

These questions mainly focus on the core values & beliefs of the brand, & what it stands for.

Brand existence

These questions mainly focus on why the brand exists to identify its purpose. 

Market analysis

Opening your senses to study what's already out there will help the brand garner some vital insights (pricing, services, support, etc.). It will also help the brand define what it can offer. Suppose there is a crowded market in the same industry. This analysis might set you on a course into the unknown, risky but rewarding territory.

Company story

There's always a story behind every brand identity. This story can help you set your brand values. But, sometimes, you must look beyond what you see, like Akzo Nobel did. 

Consumer pain points

The brand's growth is driven by its capability to heed its consumers' pain points & be the first to challenge the ongoing situation. For example, challenger brands like Apple enabled people to access portable music. Even if the brand isn't a challenger one, it should make an effort to listen carefully since the answers to its future brand strategy could be in there.

Our Aim

We want to work with as many businesses out there, while delivering design solutions which stand out & help to boost the brand's strength.

You tell us what you are looking for & we will listen. We will be there to help you. If we think solving your problem is beyond us (which rarely happens), we will be honest about it upfront.