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Brand Design for Jategaonkar Chikitsalay

Brand design for a well-established Ayurveda clinic in Pune, India
Orange logo for Jategaonkar Chikitsalay.

Jategaonkar Chikitsalay is a family-owned Ayurvedic Clinic, who have been around for more that 20 years. They serve their patients with traditional & organic methods towards healing.

Shamrock Designs helped them to build their brand elements & delivered a brand identity system for their brand, with a goal to increase patients' loyalty & encourage making Ayurveda as part of their life.

The style guide includes all the necessary branding details like brand personality, tone, logo variations etc.

It is essential to understand that the style guide for a brand has a lot more value included in its pages than the sneak-peek images shown below. They are only a reference to demonstrate our work. A brand style guide is a template for the brand to maintain consistency across all the touchpoints.

Our Aim

We want to work with as many businesses out there, while delivering design solutions which stand out & help to boost the brand's strength.

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