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Website Design sneak peak for Mount Packaging Machinery

Mount Packaging Machinery

Mount Packaging Machinery designs & delivers top-notch packaging machinery to clients all over the world. They have worked with numerous small and large enterprises worldwide with domain knowledge of fourth-generation packaging technology. Shamrock helped them to revise their brand elements & delivered a website, which helps their potential clients to get an overview of the services that Mount Packaging offers.

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UX Design Sample


Mirror is a clothing store targeting a female audience looking for clothing for any occasion, along the same wave that brought us Old Navy and H&M. Mirror is very successful offline. They decided a few years back to not invest in digital because they preferred keeping the service in person. However, the opportunity for sales is huge online, and the behavior is rapidly mainstreaming. This responsive website design solution has been created to introduce the brand to the digital world and e-commerce.

Our aim is to make your business stand out with a design solution that can be trusted & specifically built for your target audience.